It is a  legal requirement to have breakfast over 8 rooms.

Our breakfast is continental.

It’s just so simple that we can easily ensure that only fresh food is always on the counters. It is also a legal requirement guaranteed by the law.

The breakfast is still quite varied:
Toast bread,
Many kinds of jam,
Sliced ​​ham,
Sliced salami,
Sliced sausages,
Several types of cheeses,
Cream cheese,
Seasonal vegetables: e.g. Pepper, tomato
Several types of cereals
Cold milk,
Warm milk
Orange juice,
Apple juice
Seasonal fruits: e.g. Apple, banana, plum, orange
Freshly ground coffee,
Many kinds of tea

We keep thinking how we could make it even better but we are sure that the main point is to continue to pay attention to the freshness of food.

We guarantee that only fresh food will be delivered on our counters as many of our guests praised our breakfast as excellent.