Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement provides an easily understandable and brief description of how we handle your personal information. It also tells you how to contact us if you have questions or requests regarding them.
On our website you can find our hotel in Budapest and see our rooms and prices. You can also book accommodation there on our best prices to get our excellent services.
We need your personal data to properly register and identify your booking in our system and to reach you if any problems or issues arise. That is why it is necessary to provide some of your personal information to us.
The purpose of this page is to inform you how we deal with your data.
Personal data may be processed on the basis that the data subject has consented to such processing. The legal basis of our data management is therefore your consent.
We may modify these procedures and principles, and then we will also update this document. Therefore, please read this document from time to time.
First of all, we want to specify which personal information we would like to ask  to finalize your reservation.
We need your name, email address and phone number for the above mentioned administrative and authentication reasons. Also, we ask you to enter your address so we can issue an invoice, too.
In addition, we may collect information from your device (phone, tablet, or other) that you use to access our services. (e.g. IP address or the type of your browser).
It may also happen that you want to make a reservation not for yourself but for others  on our site. It may also happen that you travel with others or make reservation for others whose personal data in this case are shared with us by you when booking. Please note that in this case it is your responsibility to ensure that the persons whose data you shared are aware of the fact of data sharing and understand and accept the handling of their personal information.
Regarding your personal information, you should also know that we do not share them with third parties. We will not collect data from you through social media and we apply the most appropriate procedures to protect your privacy in exchange for your confidence.
You have the right to know what personal information is stored and you have the right to request the destruction and correction of your data.
Please send us your request in written form to our email address, which you can find in our contacts.
We treat the personal data of our guests and partners in accordance with Hungarian and EU laws and regulations.
Data management is carried out by the employees of our company, Hungária 61 Szálláshelyszolgáltató Kft with the utmost care and attention, with a well-developed technical background.
For us it’s really important to protect your data.

Name of the management company: Hungária 61 Szálláshelyszolgáltató Kft.
Tax number of the data management company: 14565564-2-42
Address of the data management company: 1143, Budapest Hungária krt. 61
Contact information: +36 30-934-95-01,
Legal basis for data handling: 2011 CXII. § Act of informational self-determination and the right of freedom of information in paragraph 5 (1) a): “Consent of the party concerned”.
Consent of data management: When making a reservation, you need to agree our handling of your personal data detailed above.